Light in frame (installations/ space)

Residence  in Old CUF.


Viewfinder 1, Viewfinder 2, Viewfinder 3, Viewfinder 4 and Viewfinder 5.

Gathering of installations/actions that mark the space (an old factory) with their own light, their own color, their own things.


 Viewfinders 1 and 2: from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside, we watched, through bluescreens, the real variation of the intensity of light that happens in the space which is filtered by their original blue windows.


 Viewfinders 3,4,5: covers from the factory’s old deposits (existing in the space) are used as a guide to look at the exterior of the building (an exterior that is still an interior, container, deposit of the old CUF factory infrastructures).